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Apartment in Moscow, Russia for sale. Buy flat in Moscow, Russia 
A three-room 93 sq.m. apartment near Lermontovsky Prospekt and Vikhino metro station (Violet line) in South-Eastern Administrative Area (Юго-Восточный Административный Округ) for sale. 
It's only 5 km away from MKAD - Moscow Automobile Ring Road (Московская Кольцевая Автомобильная Дорога). 
There're no other owners of this apartment except me and I have owned it since 2003. 4/14 floor in modern and freshly built (2003) brick tower house with two 10-passenger elevators. 
Unlike panel and monolith houses, my house have 95cm walls (almost 1 METER!): 
you wouldn’t hear even a single noise from your neighbors and it's really warm during winter times, because super thick walls keep all the heat from central heating system inside the rooms. It's always about +25C inside even in coldest days.
The house itself is located in the center of Lyubertsy town, which makes it a huge advantage for anyone who are looking to have everything on hand within 5 minutes of walk. Don't forget, when you're buying an apartment, you're also buying a location with all its pros and cons.
+ You will have one of the best high school in SE-district and 3 kindergartens within 4-5 min of walk
+ You will have 3 huge 4-floors shopping centers and 2 supermarkets (Pyatyorochka, Perekryostok 24 hour) within 3-7 min of walk. Also, a newly built giant 60.000sqm 6-floor shopping center "TRC Vikhodnoi" (ТРЦ Выходной) is only 1 km away from the house: over 150 retail stores, 7 cinema halls with 3D, bowling, billiards and other entertaining stuff.
+ Cozy central park for jogging, 3 big fitness gyms and also an open stadium that transforms into a skating ring during winter
+ Smirnovskaya is the central street with a nice clean area where young professionals and middle class families live. Everything you will ever need is here: 7 different banks, a postal office, a big 2-floor eco-marketplace (organic food from Russian farmers), a variety of italian, asian and russian restaurants and cafes of your choice (incl. McDonalds, KFC, BurgerKing). All within a few minutes of walk, no need for car at all.
+ Good access to the city to get to your work: You can get to the Lermontovsky prospekt metro station on any bus with 5 minutes of ride or you can buy a ticket on suburban train that travels from Lyubertsy rail station every 5 minutes and get to Vikhino metro station for 7 minutes of ride. Vikhino to Kremlin on metro is 30 minutes of  the total.
+ You will have very good and quiet neighbors: police, court and сity government workers own flats in this house. 
+ If middle-sized shopping centers nearby won't satisfy your needs, you can jump on any bus or have a 10-min drive on your car to MEGA-Belaya Dacha shopping park (IKEA, AUCHAN hypermarket, OBI, Leroy Merlin, IMAX cinema etc. +320 retail stores and parking lot for 8500 cars)
+ Very good polyclinic (for non-stationary treatment and help) with great doctors, especially dentists. 
+ If you have no room for summer vacation, you can spend your weekend during hot summer days at Volkusha lake, which is located in a peaceful cone forest park 15 min away from the home. It's a great place with a sand beach, clear water with a lot of entertaining activities like zorbs, wakeboard, Jet Skis and blobs.
+ Electricity, water and utility bills are cheap - 7000 RUB/month (100 USD) for everything. My apartments have high-speed WI-FI internet connection, 150+ channels TV and home telephone number (+7 495). My apartment also can be connected to the security system, provided by the city police for extra 1500 RUB/month. If the alarm goes on, a police car will be at your house within 3-5 minutes. 
+ The whole apartment is 93 sq.m.: 3 big rooms (22, 19 and 17 sq.m.), huge kitchen (15 sq.m.), divided toilet/bathroom, high celling (2.7 m.) and spacious balcony. The apartment is fully furnished and include all the essentials for living.
+ If you're (or will be) car owner, you don't need to buy overpriced space at commercial parking lot. Our house has a free public parking lot with available space at any time of a day. You can park a car right under apartment windows.

Buying property in Russia is VERY easy with no risk at all! You don't need any residence permit and all you have to do is to have an official notary passport translation and a few more papers to buy a property. 
No tricks or hidden pitfalls - we can deal with your real estate agent and you can hire anyone you wish to help you with papers.  

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at flat@podstrigis.com please (I'm an owner of a small hair salon in Lyubertsy town) or send me an SMS-message at +79683992430 to set an appointment.

The price is only 10.000.000 RUB. 
142.000 USD (1 USD = 70 RUB. Sep. 2015)
125.000 EUR (1 EUR = 80 RUB. Sep. 2015)
91.000 GBP (1 GBP = 110 RUB. Sep. 2015)
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Тип недвижимости:Квартира
  • Характеристики
Год постройки:2003
Кол-во кухонь:1
Кол-во туалетов:1
Жилая Площадь (м2):93
Общая Площадь (м2):93
Земельный участок (м2):93
  • Удобства
Покрытие пола:Ламинат
Тип Кухни:Встроенная кухня
Ванная комната:Джакузи, Туалет
Охрана/Безопасность:Сигнализация, CCTV, Немедленный вызов помощи, Охрана, Детекторы дыма, Другое
Оснащение:Лифт, Сад, Зимний сад, Балкон/Терраса, Кондиционер, Камин
Оконные рамы:Пластиковые
Дополнительное оборудование:Стиральная машина, Холодильник, Плита, Микроволновка, Пылесос, Другое
Вид из окон:В сад

125 000 €

151 920 $
11 340 761 ₽

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